5 Days


8.500 SEK / 850 EUR


Abisko (Swedish Lapland)


Whenever you want to come! I have no fixed dates for this trip. Just let me know your preferred dates on the form below. 


Day 1

Welcome to Abisko! We will meet in the evening to get to know each other, discuss the trip and give you a short introduction about night photography and the northern lights. Then we will go out on our first aurora chase! Each day will be completely different depending of the auroral activity and weather conditions. We might drive long distances to find clear skies and we will chase them in my favorite and secret spots.

I will build a fire and help you out setting your camera. Are you ready to experience a night like this?

Day 2

We will kick the day off by visiting one of the treasures of Abisko, its National Park. This visit will bring us plenty of photography opportunities like an iced canyon, the icredible Torneträsk delta and also wildlife. You will be amazed by the views of the snowed peaks, frozen lakes and the amazing polar light.

In the evening we will go chase auroras as usual, but remember that each night will be unique and different!

Day 3

Let’s meet the fauna of the Arctic! Be ready to spot red foxes, reindeers, arctic hare, and other animals along with the king of Lapland: the moose. We will try to find males, females and calves. This experience is season dependent, meaning we will go to different locations following the animals. Note that they are wild so we must adapt the trip to them.

At night we will hunt northern lights.

Day 4

We will hike to one of my favorite locations to see incredible ice formations and ice waterfalls. We will also get the best views of Lapporten, Abisko’s most iconic mountains.  This is without any doubt one of the best days to improve your landscape photography skills.

At night we will hunt northern lights.

Day 5

We will visit the coldest place in Sweden (Jukkasjärvi) which hosts the famous ice hotel. Imagine yourself inside ice rooms admiring incredible ice sculptures or walking through ice corridors. Of course you can treat yourself to a drink in the ice bar. Incredible pictures can be taken in such a cool (and cold) place!

After that, we will offer you to visit a sami camp as an optional activity.

At night we will hunt our last northern lights of the trip with a special dinner on a bonfire.



Fill out this form and I will back to you within 24 hours to let you know if your dates are available and the payment options.  For urgent bookings, please contact me here: +46 076 932 0336

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